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Reflexology stimulates nerve function, increases energy, boosts circulation, prevents migraine, eliminates toxins, reduces stress by using gentle pressure on specific points along your feet (sometimes hands and ears). 


Whether you are looking for a Swedish, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy, Prenatal, Hot Stone we can offer the perfect massage for you in beautiful surroundings. 

Alchemy Crystal Sonic Therapy 

What is an Alchemy Crystal Sonic Therapy session? 
The melodic and dissonant sonic sounds of the crystal bowls - soothe, harmonise, replenish and restore potential imbalances showing up in the physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual fields of your being. 
It is a therapeutic experience that will activate the innate healing response in your body and so deepening your connection to supporting your own health. 
What does a Crystal Sonic Therapy session look like? 
The client lies on the therapy bed fully clothed, supported for maximum physical comfort with blankets and cushions. They are bathed in the vibrational resonance of alchemy crystal sonic sounds for approximately 60 minutes. 
The first session is 90 minutes, to enable Lisa to tailor the session to your personal health needs. Subsequent sessions are 75 minutes long. 
A little more about Crystal Sonic Sound 
Sound Medicine (as it is sometimes known as) is a vast healing field, once embraced by the Ancients of Greece and Indian sages, and now employed by both holistic and allopathic practitioners in our cities today. 
The sound vibrations and frequencies relax both our nervous system and our brain waves. It is known that the pure crystalline sounds open up awareness for deep shifts to occur throughout our physical & energy body. Through these shifts, our body moves into self-healing mode and in this state, emotional, physical and energetic blockages may be released. 
This unifying experience encourages the release of emotional blocks and stagnant energy we may have held within our physical and emotional body for a long time. And this surrendering opens us up to experiencing more vibrant health on all levels. 
Key benefits of Crystal Sonic Sound Therapy 
Some of the experiences felt through receiving this treatment: 
a reduction of stress and anxiety and chronic fight or flight reactions 
a more relaxed state of mind 
relief for insomnia and sleep disorders through increasing the quality of sleep 
strengthening of the immune, endocrine and nervous systems 
supporting a calmer and more peaceful state of being 
whole body tension release 
the tangible clearance of blocked energy where it is needed 
aiding in the development of intuition and heightening of creativity and inspiration 
a feeling of rebalancing of the subtle energy within the chakras. 
Lisa has been an Alchemy Crystal Sound practitioner since 2017 and became a Registered 1-1 Crystal Sonic Therapist in 2021 with CMA Certification from the Crystal Sonic Practice School in London. 
Prices of the session 
90 minute Initial Session // £150 
75 minute Follow-up Sessions // £125 
“Alchemy Crystal bowls help us experience ourselves as LIGHT in a physical body. They allow us to open our connection to our etheric bodies with great ease. The vibrations and harmonics created by the bowls have beneficial healing impact on our nervous and immune systems. 
The deeper we immerse ourselves into the sounds of the bowls, the more we balance and align with wholeness and our unique connection with the wisdom of our soul. Our intuition becomes enhanced and our mind becomes more focused and clear. We begin to find calmness as we open to the creative inspiration of a receptive yielding heart.” 
Wisdom words from the Healer and Crystal Sonic Alchemy Bowls practitioner Ashana 


For over 25 years she worked as an NHS pharmacist and prescribing advisor before feeling a growing unease with the ‘pill for every ill’ culture. What began as an exploration into the world of nutrition and lifestyle medicine has resulted in a complete change in practice. 
Chronic disease is the health blight on western nations. Diseases like, heart disease, autoimmune disease, digestive disorders, dementia, allergies, arthritis, hormonal disorders and many cancers occur as a direct result of how we eat and the way we live. Our lifestyles directly impact our biology, our health, our response to treatments and our ability to recover. But by giving our bodies the right conditions, we can amplify our ability to heal and thrive. 
Charlotte has recently completed an MSc in Nutritional Medicine with a specialist focus on nutritional oncology. Her areas of expertise include integrative cancer care and women’s health in particular female hair loss, the menopause, polycystic ovarian syndrome, autoimmune diseases, allergies, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and digestive disorders. 
Charlotte is on a mission to help you reclaim the health you deserve. 

Menopause Clinic 


Weight Loss 

We can offer a safe, effective weight loss solution, proven to help patients lose weight by reducing their appetite. 
In the first instance a Consultation will be arranged with our Doctor to assess the patient. The treatment is a prescription-only medication which is self-injected just once a week at home. 
Patients will then be monitored throughout their treatment programme. 

Blood Screening 

You will have access to our portal whereby you can track your own test and results (results are only available for the patient to access). In addition, Patients have the option to have their results reviewed by a GP or take their user friendly report to share with other medical professionals. 

Get in touch if you have any questions or click below to book an appointment. 

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