With all treatments at About Face we offer a full complimentary consultation so that we may listen to your concerns and offer immediate and long term solutions. Our aim is to offer our patients a wide range of benefits, including a more youthful appearance, tailored to your needs. 
Prior to any invasive procedure, a mild anaesthetic cream is applied to the treatment area for your comfort. 

Non Surgical Face Lift - Bio-Ultimate Platinum 

Benefits include; 
Skin tone and elasticity is dramatically improved 
A firmer revitalised appearance 
Facial Toning 
Lymphatic drainage 
Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles 
*Consultation required for all Bio-Ultimate Platinum treatments 

Permatone RadioFrequency 

Our specialist machine boasts a powerful amalgamation of ultrasound and controlled radio frequency heating. Both are capable of delivering deep thermal heat into the skin. Such energy disturbs the skin’s collagen fibres including increased natural production of collagen, which in turn, repairs and firms the skin. 
During an RF treatment, your therapist will apply a cool gel to the skin and a hand piece is moved back and forth along the treatment area, which allows the therapist to control the heating of the skin: this should be kept between 40 and 43 degrees C. The heat will distribute up to 2mm deep which disrupts the collagen generating epidermis and superficial dermis to a point where the production of these plumping, firming cells is maximised. 
A course if treatments is advised in the first instance followed by regular maintenance treatments every few months. 
Benefits include; 
Tightening of jaw line 
Forehead and Brow tightening 
Tightening of the neck 
Softening of fine lines 
Smooth out stretch marks 
Boosts oxygen levels in the skin 
Improved elastin production 
Consultation required for all Bio-Ultimate Platinum treatments 
*Consultation required for all Radio Frequency treatments 

Semi Permanant Make Up 

Imagine waking up and looking your best every day, with semi permanent make up and microblading at About Face, you can achieve that expertly applied look that stays in place all day – no matter how busy you are. Semi Permanent Make-up and Microblading (often known as Micropigmentation or, Permanent Make-up) are forms of cosmetic tattooing, however, very different to conventional tattoos. The process uses hypo-allergenic pigments (as opposed to ink) which are specially designed to compliment different skin tones so that the results are as natural as possible. The pigments are deposited into the epidermis (superficial layers of the skin), as opposed to the dermis (deeper layers of the skin) thus creating a soft, natural effect, mimicking your own features. 


Depending on the client’s desired result, different techniques will be discussed at consultation. Most of our clients are looking for a soft natural brow enhancement which will involve super fine hair stokes being distributed between their natural hair which will build into a more defined shape, others are looking for more of a high definition look, which may involve shading or Ombré techniques, sometimes we will use a combination of two or three techniques. Whether it’s NanoBlading, Microblading, Digital Strokes, Ombré or Shaded we can advise you on the best technique to create bespoke brows just for you. 


For a more ‘made up’ look clients can opt for a heavier eyeliner which is truly captivating! No more worrying about smudged eyeliner and ‘panda’ eyes and perfect for clients with impaired vision, contact lens wearers or allergy sufferers! 
Whether it soft and natural or bold and dramatic, at About Face we can use intense black, soft denims and olives, enchanting violets. Whatever style you choose we will mix the pigments to enhance your natural colouring. 


Clients can choose from a simple lip liner, a smouldering blush, Invisilips (no harsh borders) or even a full lip colour. Semi permanent lip make up is an excellent way to create symmetry and volume. At About Face we will listen to your concerns and let you smile again. 


Scalp micropigmentation is an effective hair loss solution for balding, receding, hair transplant scars, thinning hair and alopecia. 
This treatment gives the appearance of a full head of hair that has been closely shaven but can also be used to add density to thinning hair. Suitable for both male and female clients. 

Micro Needling 

Medical Micro Skin Needling can also ) significantly improve the appearance of: 
Acne scars 
Aged and sun damaged skin 
Facial and décolleté lines and wrinkles 
Stretch marks 
Reduction of Enlarged Pores 

Chemical Peels 

Peeling of the skin using a chemical peel removes the outer layers of the skin, revealing a fresher complexion and brighter, smoother looking skin with minimal downtime. 
At About Face we offer a range of different strength peels depending on our client's requirements. Although Glycolic Acid is the heavy duty one, due to its small molecular structure, Acne patients can often find that combining Mandelic Acid and Salicylic Acid works better at attacking active Acne. 
A trained therapist will help you determine the best protocol. 
Glycolic Acid is derived from sugarcane and is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA). It has a small molecular structure, giving it the ability to travel deep into the layers of the skin where the acid dissolves excess sebum and dead skin cells revealing, brighter, smoother, younger looking skin. A good option for normal to oily skin and helps with acne scarring. 
Mandelic Acid is derived from bitter almonds, again it is an AHA. It has a larger molecular size than glycolic acid, which means it penetrates the skin at a slower rate. Mandelic acid works on the surface of your skin. A good option for sensitive skin or those that are new to AHAs. 
Salicylic Acid is derived from willow bark and wintergreen leaves. It’s a Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA). Salicylic Acid has an exfoliating effect on the skin as with AHAs, however, it’s an excellent ingredient for unclogging pores and it eradicates sebum due to the fact that BHA’s are oil-soluble. A great option for reducing and controlling active Acne . 

Anti Wrinkle Injections 

This treatment is achieved by administering a purified protein (botox), which reduces the activity of the muscles that cause those lines to form over time. Within days clients see an improvement that can last up to 6 months as the contractions of the muscles that cause the persistent lines are temporarily reduced. 

Dermal Fillers 

Dermal Fillers are popular treatments for wrinkles and facial lines. A dermal filler procedure helps to ‘fill out’ and smooth away: 
Nasolabial Folds (Nose to mouth lines) 
Marionette Lines (Corners of mouth) 
Tear Trough 
Non Surgical Rhinoplasty 
Frown Furrows 
Lipstick Lines 
Crows Feet. 
Acne Pits 
Forehead lines 
Lip enhancement 
Dermal Fillers are extremely effective for creating plump youthful lips and enhancing sunken cheeks. 
At About Face our doctors are trained to use a variety of Dermal Filler products and therefore can source the best product for your needs. 
Dermal fillers are not permanent and will naturally break down. The treatment is non-invasive with virtually no recovery time necessary and you can resume normal activities immediately after treatment. Make up can be applied immediately after treatments. 


Its principle component is Poly-Caprolactone (PCL) microspheres. The PCL is suspended in a gel carrier made out of carboxymethyicellulose (CMC). Unlike Hyaluronic acid fillers, Ellanse results can last for 2 to 4 years. 
Ellansé can be used to treat most areas that Hyaluronic Acid can treat. 


If you’re looking for a ‘tweakment’ to plump and glow then Profhilo will deliver. It targets multiple layers of the skin to restore firmness, tone and elasticity at levels that cannot be reached through the application of skincare products onto the skin’s surface. 
Profhilo is not comparable to anti-wrinkle injections or DermalFillers and should not be seen as a replacement. Rather than altering the shape of your face or smoothing out wrinkles to targeted areas, Profhilo delivers hydration at a deep level into your skin to plump and moisturise. 

Restylane Skin Booster 

Restylane Skin Boosters are bonded so they do not spread into the skin like Profhilo. Therefore, they are better at being able to push out little wrinkles and hollows more effectively. Skin Boosters are not volumising like filler and therefore unlikely to fill out hollows or deep lines. 
Skin boosters act like a sponge and retain moisture boosting hydration levels deep inside the skin. 

Carboxy Therapy 

Carboxy Therapy delivers carbon dioxide gas in the cutaneous and subcutaneous layer of the skin by using a fine needle. 
When carbon dioxide is injected into the skin it causes blood vessels to dialate resulting in increase blood supply which in turn brings oxygen and nutrients to the targets area - also increasing collagen formulation. 
This is a super treatment for cellulite, stretch marks and fat sculpting to the body. 


This unique rejuvenation procedure elevates sagging facial skin by way of a simple procedure which doesn't require surgery (so no scars or general anesthetics) and produces re contouring of the face by elevating the deeper layers of the skin. 
Silhouette Soft is a technological innovation offering women and men what no treatment has ever provided in such a minimally invasive way. It provides an immediate repositioning of the facial tissue along with a gradual regeneration of collagen. In the skin, collagen provides elasticity which is why it contributes towards a youthful appearance so by regenerating collagen you naturally look younger. 

Skin Tag Removal 




For more information on any of these subjects or treatments do get in touch. Every person is different and therefore we always carry out a thorough consultation with you before any treatment so that we can understand what to want to achieve and can recommend the ideal treatment for you. 

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