Imagine waking up and looking your best every day, with semi permanent make up and microblading at About Face, you can achieve that expertly applied look that stays in place all day – no matter how busy you are.   


It is not unusual for clients to feel the benefits of a brow lift when they see themselves after a treatment.! 
If you suffer from thin or missing eyebrows from over plucking or pale coloured hair, semi permanent eyebrows will create a natural and realistic looking brow line. With the ageing process our brow line drops which causes our eyes to appear droopy. With correctly shaped brows framing the face, one can look fresher and more youthful as the whole area appears lifted! 


Eyes are the windows to our soul and can come alive with a simple eye enhancement which creates shinier, brighter eyes with definition. For a more ‘made up’ look clients can opt for a heavier eyeliner which is truly captivating! No more worrying about smudged eyeliner and ‘panda’ eyes and perfect for clients with impaired vision, contact lens wearers or allergy sufferers! Whether it soft and natural or bold and dramatic, at About Face we can use intense black, soft denims and olives, enchanting violets. Whatever style you choose we will mix the pigments to enhance your natural colouring. 


Unfortunately over the years lips can end up depleted of collagen and appear to have lost their plumpness. With the clever use of pigments and shading lips can be created to appear fuller and more defined. Clients can choose from a simple lip liner to a smouldering blush or even a full lip colour. Semi permanent lip make up is an excellent way to create symmetry and volume. At About Face we will listen to your concerns and let you smile again. 


Many women that have gone through breast reconstruction after a mastectomy can have the final touches completed with areola restoration known as the nipple area. 
Using pigments to match the original or remaining nipple we can reconstruct the nipple and areola and also help cover up any scarring from the operation. 
Permanent Cosmetics provides an important part in giving a substantial boost to body image, confidence and a gain of sense of normality and getting on with life again. The effects are perfectly realistic and natural. 


Our expertise allows us to use the most leading advanced techniques in the field of medical tattooing. 
Our priority is to ensure that our client’s receive the best treatment to assist them in restoring self-esteem and improve self-confidence. 
The following details some of the areas where we can assist: 
Alopecia Tattooing 
Effects of Chemotherapy 
Vitiligo Treatment 
Cleft Lip & Forcyde Lips 
Scar Relaxation & Scar Camouflage 
Multitrepannic Collagen Actuation (MCA) 
Scalp Hair Simulation 
All clients are treated with sensitivity and understanding and a detailed consultation is always undertaken to establish suitability for treatment 
Semi Permanent Cosmetics provides an important part in giving a substantial boost to body image 


semi permanent make up and microblading uses hypoallergenic pigments which are deposited under the skin to create the appearance of natural looking make up. Semi permanent make up and microblading is often referred to as cosmetic tattooing or micropigmentation. Unlike conventional tattooing semi permanent make up and microblading is applied to the dermal layer of the skin and would be expected to last for a number of years. However this is dependent on several factors including lifestyle, sun exposure and skin type. 


Most people are suitable for semi permanent make up and microblading. At About Face we offer a complimentary consultation, here you will receive a personalised colour analysis, this will take into account your skin undertones, hair and eye colour. Our natural pigments will then be mixed to achieve the exact colour to suit you. We will then draw in on the procedure site, some of our clients have very definite ideas of what they would like to achieve, so we are very open to client input. It is important that we understand what it is you want to achieve. However semi permanent make up and microblading should naturally enhance your features. 
Those who are tired of pencilling in every day 
Those who have over plucked 
Sporty types 
Those with sensitive skin or allergies 
Those with impaired vision 
Those who suffer from alopecia or hair loss or clients that have undergone chemotherapy 
Those who would like to correct asymmetrical brows 


We want you to be relaxed and enjoy your experience at About Face.  
With this in mind an anaesthetic will applied to the treatment area to minimise any discomfort. 


Book a complimentary consultation where we can discuss your requirements 
For more information about the treatments that About Face offer please call us, in confidence, on 01234 711976. Alternatively please click here to contact us. 
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