Are all of your procedures painless?  

With everything we do we aim to minimise any discomfort and, where appropriate, we offer a local anesthetic although very few treatments require this. 

I'm a little embarrassed about my condition so how can you assure my privacy?  

We understand that sometimes people are concerned about discussing their issues and would rather have privacy which is why we only offer private appointments with plenty of space in between so you will never sit in a waiting room full of people. 

Will I see immediate results from my treatment?  

This will depend on the treatment but often yes you will do. 

Are there any after effects that I need to be aware of?  

With some treatments there will be some short term redness or swelling but this soon subsides. If you are unsure simply call us on 01234 711976 or 07803 943232 and we will be able to advise with regards to your specific treatment. 

How long will the effects of my treatment last?  

This will depend on the treatment given and other contributory factors like your age and lifestyle. We will be able to advise on each individual treatment that we offer. 
For more information about the treatments that About Face offer please call us, in confidence, on 01234 711976. Alternatively please click here to contact us. 
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